Project 02. Ritchey SwissCross

If you don't know who Tom Ritchey is, you haven’t been into cycling for too long. Tom Ritchey started building frames and design components in the early 70's in his parent's garage in California. He has made many important contributions to the design and function of the bike and many consider him one of the fathers of mountain biking and off-road riding. As well do we and believe that the one brand for steel frames and componentry is Ritchey.

In this custom build bike, the star of the show is the SwissCross frameset which is a limited edition to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the SwissCross. Don't get us wrong, this bike is not old by any means, all the opposite, the frame design has all the modern features from the geometry, tire clearance, thru-axels, full carbon fork and flat mount disc brakes while keeping that classic look that only skinny steel tubes can give.

We wanted to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this magnificent bike and therefore we decided to make a custom build and show case it. This particular build features SRAM Force 1 x for a super reliable breaking and crispy shifting. Force also is light and looks great on the SwissCross.

Ritchey is making one of the best and most reliable bike components out there. With a very thoughtful design and great ergonomics, it is obvious we´ll dress up the bike with Ritchey WCS componentry.

The wheels are the latest iteration of the reliable Zeta WCS disc with tubeless capabilities and they ride nicely either on paved road or rough surfaces. JB Alpine WCS in 35mm complement the wheels making them spin fast with good grip even on loose gravel.

The full build bike hits the scale at 9kg which is very good considering the steel frame. The SwissCross is particularly known for its great ride feeling and handling in addition of being a very versatile and capable machine. Cyclocross, gravel or road - the SwissCross have you covered.

The bike will be displayed at our store and we were able to get our hands on a couple of more frames of this limited edition. Get in touch if you are interested in a Ritchey SwissCross.

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